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  • There’s no option of property owners to list property on the marketplace directly, However there’s a navigation button on the top right of the website “SELL”. A contact form will appear; this way you can reach us directly and our representative will get in touch with you.
  • Note: Your listing is subjected to approval by AgriFarmLands.
  • We are not charging any fee for agriculture property listing or posting. We set as a default and free for every sign up. If buyer needs additional feature or service and/or seller wish to promote that property we can discuss on case-to-case basis on mutual agreements. For further details, please write back to contact@agrifarnlands.com

  • Buyer can write directly to contact@agrifarmlands.com; the backend team will get in touch at the earliest.

There are three categories to choose in Agriculture Farms & Land Marketplace section:

    • Agriculture Lands
    • Farms Lands
    • Lands & Plots
  • Eco Farms are ecologically sustainable farms. The objective is to deliver direct environmental benefits by farming with the choice of staying at the farm. These can also be called as countryside houses, away from one’s residential address, where one can go to spend some time with the nature. The farmhouses are designed in varied manner from traditional to modern with the rural or agricultural flavor.

  • AgriFarmLands facilitates to list or post Industrial lands, plots & sites, coffee & tea estate, large scale agriculture properties, Farm lands & managed farm lands.

  • There’s nothing in particular, land extent can vary like agriculture lands can be anywhere between 1-100+ acres, farm lands can be from 3 guntas to 10+ guntas and plots & sites can be anywhere between 1200 to 10000+ sqft
  • We have direct owners listed with us in terms of selling the property, our only strategy is to list genuine property and we do not accept any commercial from the buyer. However if the buyer approaches us to build strategy to sell exclusive property we shall be working on case-to-case basis and with mutual agreements we can decide.

  • We operate online and our office is in NAL Layout, Bengaluru, India

  • AgriFarmLands is a brand established by reputed property consultants and operated by individuals with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) license holding by Govt of India.

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